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A brand that really needs no introduction, Harley-Davidson has inspired generations of riders and modern day pop culture. Beginning life in 1901 the first Harley-Davidson went on sale to the public in 1904 and quickly became a hit in racing circles. At the dawn of World War 2 Harley had established itself as an American icon and proceeded to build military use bikes until the mid 1940’s.

In the years following (often referred to as the modern era of H-D) business for Harley boomed, the ex-servicemen who returned from war purchased Harley's in their hundreds, their youth and a rapidly growing hunger for individuality spawned a movement that saw modifications being performed to gain more speed and road racing became a popular pass time.

Fast forward to 1984 and Fraser Motorcycles begins its long association with the brand and over 25 years later Fraser Motorcycles has become known as the Premium Home of Harley-Davidson in Australia.

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