• 1198.4 cc
  • 160 hp
    @ 9,250 rpm
  • 131.4 Nm
    @ 7,750 rpm
  • 207 Kg

Bike Details

Racing aesthetic

The tailpiece is aerodynamic, pointing upwards, while the seat – one single piece for rider and passenger – is shorter and slimmer. The licence plate holder, fixed in a high position, means the 200/55 tyre is clearly visible, mounted on a three-spoke forged wheel, inspired by that of the Panigale R.

Attention to detail

The new aesthetics of the Monster 1200 R are completed by the screen and longitudinal graphics inspired by the classic Ducati Corse band. The exclusiveness of this model is also reflected in the attention to detail, for example the metallic radiator covers with R graphic obtained through sanding.

The dimensions of the new Monster 1200 R offer more space even to taller riders. The sporty riding style is enhanced with separate passenger footpegs that offer more space when riding, pushing on ones toes and lengthening the knee towards the ground.

The personality of the Monster 1200 is emphasised by the forged wheels. Created in alloy, forged and then machined, both the front and rear wheels boast the same design, with the 3-spoke Y of the Panigale S/R. The front mudguard, in carbon fibre, and footpeg supports, in forged aluminium, help contribute to a total dry weight of just 180 kg.

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Bike Specs

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  • MONSTER 1200R

    Unmistakably Monster, aggressively racing. The Monster 1200 R makes an immediate impact with its sporty, compact and lightweight lines.

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